I shouldn't really give advice
Oh dear almighty Emmy, what may I wear?
Let me see!
give me things?
Feel free to ask for advice! Feel equally as free to tell me what kind of clothing preferences you have(trousers/skirts/heels...) and if you hate certain colours. :)
Posted on 23rd Jul at 3:44 AM

a-sail-in-a-storm said: I am going to be doing back to school shopping soon do you have any suggestions on what I can get to go with the fall trends coming up?

I do indeed. :9 will show some ideas tmrw :))

Posted on 23rd Jul at 3:09 AM

Anonymous said: hello! I'm sorry this isn't a request for In The Flesh ((which I've really been meaning to watch)) BUT I randomly decided to go to California this weekend and I would like some outfit inspiration??? I'll be at Disneyland one day and just hanging around at the beach and Santa Monica pier for the other two-three days. Also, bonus, how can I wear with an over-sized Jac Vanek tie-dye t-shirt in public? Since I've just been wearing mine as pajamas... it's the one about floating in space if it matters

for the weekend" like i wanna go to California for the weekend too??? but like … the flight would be two out of the three days probably…

alsooo didn’t find the tee??? can i use the pizza one or are the colours very different?


have fun in le sun

i’m on le ideas

wait did you want the tee in california or was that two different requests?(ICOULDGLADLYDOWOHASHTAGBORED)

Posted on 23rd Jul at 1:01 AM

ALso why is no one asking me about in the flesh cosplay ideas or inspiration??? HU??? HUH??? IT’S ALMOST AS IF YOU ARE NOT WATCHING THE SHOW!

Posted on 21st Jul at 2:39 AM

Anonymous said: i love the looks for the paisley shorts and thank you so much but sadly the shorts are coming the day after my festival ugh but i will use those looks as inspo for everyday looks thank you <333 sucks how things work out like that!

that’s just rude. you should send them a strongly worded email where you explain to them that they suck at timing…. :)

wear em out n about luvv!

Posted on 18th Jul at 6:43 PM

Anonymous said: Wow London looks sounds GOOOOD!!!

well well well might do that too then  anon :)

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