I shouldn't really give advice
Oh dear almighty Emmy, what may I wear?
Let me see!
Ask for advice here!
I work for free unless you want to...
Posted on 20th Oct at 2:47 PM

Anonymous said: I really loved the outfits you made for the other anon with the wide brimmed hats, do you think you could post some more with different wide brimmed hats not just the same one

i can do that :))

Posted on 19th Oct at 9:13 PM

Anonymous said: lace-anon again! you did add a dark purple cami! (or my eyes are getting tired xD). purple is my favourite colour, so i love the schooly second look ;) thank you so much, my head is full of ideas now ^^

yeah i jsut meant it was like that and nothing more hahahhahaha :) but added a lil more purple


purple is the best ingen protest

Posted on 19th Oct at 7:58 PM

Anonymous said: That's exactly the type of hat I was talking about! Thank you so much!


Also give me good pumpkins recipes ok? All americans out there….Preferably vegan ones….

Posted on 19th Oct at 7:56 PM, with 2 notes

ameila-bianco said: Oh hey emmy. So i trimmed my hair the other day and i fucked it up. So now i have more of a roundish-bobby-afro instead of a bob. Any advice on hiding a shit haircut? Or some power outfits to pretend i meant to do this.

and it is like doomed to correct??? good grief hahahah

well headscarves and wide ass hats are totally in atm thanks to this dude

so you should probs be able to find that like..anywhere? also it’s cuuuuteeeeeeeeeeee

also it is autumn and ok caalifornia might not get overy fucking freezing but beanies are still a constant go to aight? :))

Posted on 19th Oct at 6:52 PM, with 1 note

Anonymous said: What should I wear to go pumpkin picking? The high temperature for the day is 67F, and I want to wear one of those hats that are a trend right now with the flat brim all around(I don't know what they are called) but I have a small head and hats don't look good on md

like this you mean?


flat brimmed fedora(or wide brimmed..?) i think they are called i suck at names on stuff tho :/

will show some pumpkin stuff!!

Posted on 19th Oct at 6:51 PM

Anonymous said: oooooh, lace-anon here! i like the work one the best ;) (because i spend my time mainly in university) Didnt even think about wearing a different colour than black underneath!

feels like i didn’t really either not much at least hahahhahahahhaa will do a schoolthingy more :*

Posted on 18th Oct at 10:45 PM

Anonymous said: hola Emmy!! so i own this fabulous dress (if you google "Lace & Mesh Shift Dress f21", it should be the first few images) but im not quite sure how to wear it (and especially not when...). the underdress is a separate from the lace dress, so it basically can be worn over anything ;)

this one ey? niiiice

i’ll come up with some ideas then :)

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