I shouldn't really give advice
Oh dear almighty Emmy, what may I wear?
Let me see!
give me things?
Feel free to ask for advice! Feel equally as free to tell me what kind of clothing preferences you have(trousers/skirts/heels...) and if you hate certain colours. :)
Posted on 25th Apr at 1:43 AM

Anonymous asked: Right now we're between seasons, which means lots of rainy days. I have a pair of rainboots with a repeating cow pattern on them (not like black and white splotches, but multiple cows on a blue background. "cow pattern rainboots" will get them on google images) that I'd like some help with! I'm a fan of leggings and dresses, and run on the short side.

Those booys sounds adorable!!! We’ll see qjat i can kick up for you.

Posted on 25th Apr at 1:42 AM

threeinseparables asked: Thank you so much Emmy they're great! Hopefully I'll look suitably gig ready :)

Course you will. Have fun!

Posted on 25th Apr at 12:26 AM

threeinseparables asked: Hi Emmy if you're not too busy, I was wondering what you'd wear to a concert? I'm going to a Katy Perry gig in the next few weeks. I just feel I'm always either over or underdressed for gigs so I'd appreciate your wisdom. Thanks Erin :)

i’ll shoe some concert stuffs for yu luvv!

Posted on 23rd Apr at 1:33 PM

Anonymous asked: Emmy, I just gotten a brand new espadrilles (it's G by Guess Talloys) but I don't know what to wear this with! My friend says maxi dress but I don't really like maxi dresses :c I also have thick calves so I don't have any capris either. Do you have any advice?

ohhh these lil goodies? 


I’ll give you and your calves some ideas <3

Posted on 20th Apr at 10:37 AM

Anonymous asked: Sorry in that last ask I didn't realize it auto corrected post to cesta

Hahah i understood it ;*

Posted on 20th Apr at 10:03 AM

Anonymous asked: Can you cesta some sets for the summer trends please?

I’m le on it!

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